The one that got away

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The one that got away

Post by Judge_Takoda on Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:48 pm

Whenever the Digital world recognizes a threat its first response is to call certain heroes to correct the wrongs. Such was the case with Takoda Daishi.  The son of wealthy buisness parents, Takoda was brought up in a strict household, taught how to behave and act properly like a good citizen.  To always say please and thank you and never talk back.  That was until he received a certain email on a certain day.  Experiences following that event have caused him to grow very much and he is no longer naive in the ways of the world.  He understands that sacrifices must sometimes be made and that not everything is always black and white. Despite all this he tries to stay true to himself and always strives to act according to his upbringing.  

Takoda is 14 and about average for his age in terms of height and build.  He has short blonde hair (from his mother's side) and wears jeans and a T-shirt.  He always carries around a small satchel crosswise over his shoulder with survival necessities and a swiss army knife.  He also clips his digivice to this.

He has a deep loyalty to DT and cares greatly about other */ digimon.  Their teamwork has been forged through many trials and won't be  broken any time soon.


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