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He started out as a normal Tsunomon, until that dark day.  Since then he has learned to cope with his new appearance but can get a bit defensive and its a sensitive spot with him if it is brought up.  Like his partner Demi-Dark-Tsunomon is protective of other estranged and outcast digimon.  He is no longer a stranger to combat and has learned to work well to defend both himself and his partner.  He is usually quiet but once he opens up he is quite the talker and joker. (This may change depending on how he developes).  He and his evolved forms looks very scary and intimidating, but he has a heart of gold.

*Levels and pictures to come*
In-Training:  */ERROR:  DATA NOT FOUND/*
One of the more serious side effects of his transformation is that DT no longer has any levels below Rookie.  Damage that would have caused him to revert to an in training or lower level will kill him.

Rookie:  Demi-Dark Tsunomon (DT)
His body resembles that of a normal Tsunomon except slightly bloated with two dorsal stripes on his back behind the horn.  His mutation has given him 6 chitin coated arachnid legs that are very ungainly when walking and have the appearence of "lagging" or jerking around in a very uncomfortable manner when he walks or runs. Where they are attached to his body there is a pixelated visual effect that looks like they were almost cut-and-pasted onto him instead of sprouting or growing from him naturally.  His legs do have an added bonus however, they have given him incredible jumping power granting him a formidable Horn strike attack for his level.

Champion:   Denomon
A bi-pedal humanoid (sort of) with chitinous armor and an extra set of arms/claws.  Think Kabuterimon if he was more spider like and much smaller.  What he lacks in size and power he more than makes up for in speed and agility.  His speed and extra limbs allow him to strike many times in very quick succession and then retreat to a safe distance before the enemy can retaliate. He has a large horn on his head similar to DT's.  

Ultimate:  Tratulemon
Tratulemon has the appearance of a bi-pedal carnivorous dinosaur with two powerful clawed arms.  An arachnoid bulge on its back with 6 chitinous legs protrudes in a manner similar to Kerrigan from starcraft though not used offensively.  The horn on its head is still present, but its chief modes of attack are using a powerful fire blast or shooting restraining webs from its back.

Mega:  Deragatratulemon
He basically goes gundam.  The cannon on his back is moved to one of his arms and his dark chitinous armor is covered in thin sharp spines.  The sword he wields is in the shape of the horn on his head and about as intimidating.

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Sheesh though demi-dark-tsunomon is a mouthful. We need a nickname.

I wonder what caused the change.

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