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Post by captain_castaway on Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:03 pm

Name: Seiko Himura

Seiko is on the taller side of 14, lanky and lithe with a fair about of muscle. She's not good at school, and has trouble concentrating on learning. It's possible she could go farther if she applied herself, but it's difficult and she has no real reason to, as she's always passed over for her adoptive siblings anyways. The fact that her adoptive parents and much of her adoptive family are incredibly smart, being professors or scientists, does not help her self-esteem when it comes to her shortcomings. Seiko deals with this by excelling hardcore at the one thing she's good at: sports. She is a tough competitor, and loves nothing more than the adrenaline rush sports, namely soccer and judo, give her.

Seiko is a volatile kid, who tries to be nice and friendly but will lash out easily and destructively if she feels she's being attacked or threatened. This has led to several fights with her adoptive family, and very few friends at school. This has also led to her love of the outdoors, where she doesn't have to deal with people and can just run and climb to her heart's content. Her adoptive grandfather was also a bit of an outdoorsman himself, and is the family member she gets along with the most. She's pretty knowledgeable about the outdoors due to this, but that's because it's a subject that actually interests her, taught by someone she respects.

Seiko doesn't tend to carry much, and in fact there've been a few cases where she's accidentally left her backpack at school. She's good with making tools on the fly, and when all else fails she'll just punch things. She's a very physical person and doesn't always realize when she's outmatched.

Tallish but not unreasonably so with agile muscle to her and a fairly flat chest. She's half Filipino, with dark hair and tan skin and brown eyes. She wears a black tanktop and white cargo shorts, and black wristbands.
Eventually I'll draw her.

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