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Pictures will go up when I have them scanned/finished.

Cindermon is a little attention hog, and while she's cute and sweet generally, she loves it when people pay attention to her and give her credit due. She's a bit of a show-off, and that combined with Seiko's competitiveness makes for an interesting combination with a lot of firepower ((literally)).

Baby: Sumon Think teeny little soot puff.

In-training: Puffmon Teeny little fluffball with teensy birb feet that don't do much and ears.

Rookie: Cindermon Cindermon has a bird body with a cat/mouse looking face, her eyes never really open but when they do they're yellow. She has a little main of black fur around her neck, white fur on her face, and then yellowish fur on her body, with super fluffy tail that starts black and ends flame-colored.

Ember Whip: her tail catches fire and she throws flames at people.

Champion: Infernomon She has the body and head of a lioness with bird feet. The wings she had in her rookie stage have turned into flame colored knives erupting from her elbows. Her mane is flame colored now as well. She has a line of spiked moving down her spine and tail, which has a large fluff at the end closer to a club than the fluffy fluff it was before. The top of her face is covered with a white mask with small, bull-like horns. She has an earring in each ear.

????????????? something where she lights on fire and shoots fire and FIRE EVERYWHERE or something.

Ultimate: Wereinfernomon Similar to Infernomon, but she becomes bipedal ((still with bird feet)), and her arms are long and have hands and claws and can and will climb everywhere. Don't know much about colors yet, but the mask is still there and the horns are larger, and she's upped to two earrings in each ear. Her wings still exist, but they're closer to gliding wings and are actually functional as apposed to her champion form. Her mane is probably literally fire by this point. HER HANDS ARE MASSIVE AND SOFT (other than the scary claws) AND ARE GREAT FOR HUGS.

Mega: Wyvermon HOLY POOP LOOK AT THAT DRAGON. Wyvermon is basically a wyvern. The mask is longer and her horns are now closer to gazelle horns, long and elegant like. She's up to three earrings in each ear, her arms are back to wings with claws and stuff, all long feathered and bright. Her tail is super long and the end is constantly on fire. Her feet are still birb feet but oh my god those claws would kill on their own. She's big. She's powerful. She's going to destroy things just try and stop her.

Dark mega: Skullwyvermon IT'S AS HORRIBLE AS IT SOUNDS. The mask is gone. In its place is a stag skull with sharp horns and sharper teeth and it's so full of nope. Skullwyvermon is essentially wyvermon but skeletal and sharp and pointy and not good for hugs and probably on fire to boot. The digital hazard symbol is embedded in her forehead skull thing and is probably also on fire. Not good for hugs.

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